Hardly any other comparable city offers so much culture within reach. Experience the UNESCO world heritage and German history at the Wartburg, follow in the tracks of Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach. But also the birthplace of German automobile manufacture tradition or the international jazz archives set an exciting impulse.


The 1,000-year-old Wartburg belongs to the UNESCO world heritage – this is where history manifests itself like in no other place of the republic. Lushly decorated buildings and chambers testify impressively to medieval and romantic architectural and life culture.


The world-wide first and largest museum dedicated to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach is located in his native town Eisenach.
Since 1907, visitors have marvelled at the collection on Bach’s life and his music.


In the probably oldest half-timbered house of Thuringia Martin Luther is reported to have spent his most wonderful and formative school days with the Cotta family.The lovingly designed museum in the Lutherhaus presents him as a student, reformer and bible translator.

automobile welt eisenach

In Eisenach cars have been built for over 100 years. Where once the famous Wartburg rolled off the line, there is nowadays an exhibition, maintained with loving commitment, presenting the moving history of the automobile manufacture in Eisenach – from DIXI to Opel.

Thuringian Museum – City Palace

The baroque city palace once served as ducal residence. After years of restoration it is presently awaking from a deep slumber and is shining in new splendour. In the magnificent rooms you can enjoy folkloristic entertainment, oddities and precious things.

Thuringian Museum - Reuter-Villa

The mansion at the foot of the Wartburg, built in 1866, makes bourgeois cultivation of home decor of the 19th century come alive thanks to the widely preserved equipment of Fritz Reuter’s living rooms. Since 1897 it has also housed the largest Wagner collection outside Bayreuth.

Thuringian Museum -  Predigerkirche

There is a unique atmosphere within the walls of the 700-year-old Dominican church of Eisenach. In the former monastery church an exhibition of sacral carved sculptures testifies faith and piety of the people in the Middle Ages.

Theater am Markt

An innovative wide range of professional and amateur theater awaits the visitor in the heart of Eisenach. The TAM will move or even change you? What is it - the TAM?

Old Malthouse - Alte Mälzerei

Amid jazz sounds you may still think you can almost smell fresh coffee in the air in the culture factory Alte Mälzerei: Where nowadays the oldest jazz club in East Germany and the jazz archives of the Lippmann + Rau-foundation are located, coffee was roasted from 1873 on.

Tea Room - Teezimmer

The gardener’s house amidst the idyllic Carthusian garden was built in the middle of the 19th century and houses a small salon at ground level that is decorated with precious French wallpaper pictures. They tell the love story of Cupid & Psyche.

Memorial „Goldener Löwe“

The plain front hardly paints a picture of the events of far-reaching implications that took place behind it. In 1869 the Social Democratic Labour Party was founded here. Today the building accommodates a memorial and the office of the August-Bebel-Society.

Fraternity Memorial

On an elevation over the roofs of Eisenach’s mansion district there is the Fraternity Memorial. The monumental 33-m structure is dedicated to those who advocated unity and freedom for Germany in the 19th century at the risk of losing their lives.