Guided tours and round trips through the old town

In the charming, historic old town of Eisenach you will encounter at every turn world culture and world history. Feel enchanted during a walk or a round trip with our guide.

Old Town guided Tour through Eisenach

During this old town guided tour through Eisenach you will encounter world culture and world history, but also picturesque streets and places steeped in history, as well as venerable churches.



A garrulous crone in Luther’s „…dear town“

Johanna, the handmaid in the Cotta’s house, is not only renowned for her gossip and delightful stories. She has to let everybody in on the fact that “..Martin Luther, yes – she knew him…”



Martin Luther – Student and Junker Jörg

For three years, Martin Luther went to school in “…his dear town“ Eisenach and was met with a warm reception in the house of Cotta. Under the name of “Junker Jörg“ he was to return.



Elizabeth of Hungary - follow her tracks

Follow the tracks of Elizabeth of Hungary in Eisenach! Authentic places testify to the prediction of her birth and her wedding as well of her life of suffering and her worship.




Like to follow Luther’s tracks? Our skilled Lutherfinders, qualified and lively, will explore authentic places like the Wartburg and Eisenach with you.

Lutherfinders visit with you … churches in Eisenach

Visit three churches with the Lutherfinders. You will learn something about world-famous figures, architecture and religious symbolism. You will also find moments of silence and reflection.


Lutherfinders guide you through…Luther’s“…dear town“

Lutherfinders, skilled by the Protestant Adult Education, give fascinating, lively and competent account of Luther’s school days in Eisenach, of Junker Jörg in the Wartburg, and so much more…



Lutherfinder from Eisenach to the Wartburg…

Luther­finders explore with you Luther’s “…dear town“ and climb with you high up to Luther’s “Region of the birds“ – his “hermitage“ – the Wartburg.