Old Town guided Tour through Eisenach

During this old town guided tour through Eisenach you will encounter world culture and world history, but also picturesque streets and places steeped in history, as well as venerable churches.

Old Town guided Tour through Eisenach
Old Town guided Tour through Eisenach

Significant foundations of churches of the landgraves of the Middle Ages and the tracks of Elizabeth of Hungary will impress you. Lively Reformation history awaits you at the Lutherhaus. Surprising – to experience Eisenach as one of the centres of music in Europe with Bach, Telemann, Pachelbel, Wagner and many other famous musicians. Aficionados of literature get their money’s worth with Goethe and Fritz Reuter. Technology enthusiasts will be astounded by the history of the automobile manufacture in Eisenach.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: 80.00 € (in German language)
Number of participants: max. 30 people
Surcharge: 25.00 € per extra hour
Note: groups up to 10 people pay 75.00 € (German)

Foreign languages

100.00 € as foreign language tour

30.00 € per extra hour foreign language

Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian