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Experience the Dragon Gorge!

With a guided hike through the Dragon Gorge you will experience more. Information about history, geology, botany and the animal world enrich your way through the biotope. Meet the natural monument with the help of our experienced guides.

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Hiking in the Dragon Gorge

It all starts at a wooden gate with a dragon and leads into the 250 million year old rocky gorge. Rare plants like the devil's claw or the toothwort but also mosses and ferns can be discovered along the Steinbach.

Depending on the position of the sun and weather conditions, everything is bathed in a unique light. Then - a small waterfall, the overgrown rocks move closer and closer together and get higher and higher, the stream suddenly roars under your feet, it gets cool and dusky and sometimes touchingly quiet. It is difficult to describe the unique charm of the Dragon Gorge at the foot of the Wartburg Castle in words and we invite you to enter this stage of nature personally. Experience the Dragon Gorge. 

Guided tours through the Dragon Gorge 

The Dragon Gorge is fascinating. Here, the constant force of the water has created a unique place over millions of years, which leaves us astonished and will be remembered. Some areas in the surroundings are total reservations, because the geological natural monument is worthy of protection. Therefore, we preferably offer guided hiking tours through the biotope. However, you can also go on your own and on your own initiative: the gorge can be entered freely. 

Info Guide

Mariental – Dragon gorge – Hohe Sonne – Weinstrasse – Großer Drachenstein – Landgrave gorge – Mariental

Start/finish: B19, Bus stop Mariental; Length: ca. 11 km; Duration: approx. 3,5 hours; Mark: yellow square on a white background; Difficulty: easy to moderate

Mariental – Dragon Gorge – Hohe Sonne or the other way around

Start: B19, Bus stop Mariental or Hohe Sonne; Length: 2,5 km; Duration: approx. 1,5 hours (uphill), approx. 1 hour (downhill); Parking spaces: Mariental, Hohe Sonne; Bus: Linie 13 / Central Station – Mariental – Hohe Sonne

There are many surprising things while walking through the gorge: The microclimate is also special. On hot summer days this unique flora and fauna  can give goosebumps to hikers. In the gorge it is cool and, depending on the weather and precipitation, also moist and fresh. Therefore sturdy shoes and weatherproof, warm clothing are highly recommended. 

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