Hainichland Trail

A jungle of dense, shady beech forests lies in the middle of the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region. Rare animals such as wild cats, bats, woodpeckers and co live in this varied landscape.

Over a distance of 139 km, the Hainichland Trail  runs along medieval towns and romantic half-timbered villages and attracts visitors at any time of the year with its magnificent mountain ranges, fertile meadows and colourful grassland. A high population of spring flowers, the numerous resting places in summer, the play of colours of the autumn foliage and the many tourist attractions in winter make the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region a year-round destination. Medieval towns, romantic half-timbered villages, castles and palaces are waiting to be conquered. Railway stations in the surrounding towns ensure good accessibility. 

Look forward to the varied, unforgettable impressions of a unique hiking trail. 


  • 1st stage: Weberstedt - Kammerforst, Hainich House 15 km.
  • 2nd stage: Hainich-Haus - Struth 20 km.
  • 3rd stage: Struth - Heyerode, Alter Bahnhof 22 km.
  • 4th stage: Heyerode, Alter Bahnhof - Probstei Zella 14 km.
  • 5th stage: Probstei Zella - Mihla 21 km.
  • 6th stage: Mihla – Hütscheroda 17 km.
  • 7th stage: Hütscheroda – Weberstedt 21 km.