Hiking experience accompanied by captivating history and stories

From Luther's "dear city" to Wartburg Castle you will be accompanied by information boards with historical events during and from the lifetime of the great reformer. An ambitiously steep, but very interesting climb from Eisenach to Wartburg Castle.

Many a charming path leads from Eisenach to the Wartburg Castle. Those seeking traces of the Reformation will choose the Luther Experience Path with its large boards, starting at the Preacher's Monastery. Impressive biographical pictures, the reformer's mottoes as well as a look at important historical events during Luther's lifetime will inspire you to contemplate, pause and reflect. 

One of the first illustrations is the painting "Luther as a little choirboy in Eisenach" by Ferdinand Pauwels. It is supplemented by Luther's account: "I have also been such a Partekenhengst and have taken bread in front of the houses, especially at Eisenach in my dear town". Some of the mottoes will inspire reflection or exchange of ideas - such as "This is the devil in us, that nobody has enough" or "If you begin not to want to get better, you stop being good". 

The references to world history, such as the introduction of letterpress printing, the discovery of America or the progress in medicine and astronomy are revealing.