Germany’s most famous hiking trail: the Rennsteig begins near Eisenach

The first stage of the most famous German hiking trail begins in Hörschel. After about 15 km, the Rennsteig hiker can reach Eisenach and Wartburg Castle through the wild and romantic Dragon Gorge.

In the Eisenach district of Hörschel on the Werra, the journey begins: the large Rennsteig "R" on the trees and historical signposts will now guide and accompany you on the border and trade route that was first mentioned in 1330. Lovely hills and meadows, deep and quiet forests and, again and again, the view of the Wartburg Castle make the departure and the hike a pleasure. After 15 km, the hiking tour returns to Eisenach at the "Hohe Sonne" or continues through the Thuringian Forest to the Inselsberg, which the hiker will reach after about 33 km. 

Whether you will then still continue your hiking tour over a total of 168 km to Blankenburg is completely up to you: the next big "R" is never far away and it is worthwhile to keep going, always further until you happily reach your destination. With the traditional greeting among Rennsteig hikers "Gut Runst!", we wish you a wonderful hike on the unique Rennsteig. 


The route leads from the starting point in Hörschel, over the stages Großer Eichelberg, Clausberg, Vachaer Stein, Hohe Sonne, Ruhlaer Häuschen, Auerhahn, Großer Inselsberg to the Grenzwiese (border meadow). 

Hiking on the Rennsteig

The Rennsteig is probably the most famous hiking trail in Germany and Eisenach is very popular as a starting point. If you want to start from Eisenach to the 168 km long hiking trail and have any questions, we are happy to be your contact person. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you.