Land From castle to castle through legendary land

The almost 500 km long Werra-Burgen-Steig leads through three federal states. The historic hiking trail with its many castles high above the banks of the Werra and often directly on the Green Belt is unique in Germany.

The Werra-Burgen-Steig leads from castle to castle in the World Heritage region: from the UNESCO World Heritage Wartburg via the Rennsteig to Brandenburg, then on to Creuzburg and Normannstein Castle near Treffurt. The Hainichlandweg and the quality hiking trail Leine-Werra are its companions. Grandiose views, enchanting landscapes, castles, monasteries and palaces lie directly along the trail or in its vicinity. The Werra-Burgen-Steig is suitable for long and short tours in all seasons. Art, culture, concerts and food lure hikers into the countryside. Look forward to a magical and extraordinary hiking experience.

The most important stations on the Werra-Burgen-Steig at a glance:

Market place in Witzenhausen - Sulzberg - Forsthaus Wendershausen - Flachsbachtal – resting area "Öhrchen" – Ludwigstein Castle - Werleshausen - Bornhagen – ruins of Hanstein Castle - Hanstein – parking space Rimbach - "Alte Burg" - Teufelkanzel - Hasenwinkel near Fretterode - Schlierbachtal - Vatterode - Vatteröder Stein - Dietzenröder Stein - Asbacher Nase – ruin of Altenstein near Asbach - "Green Belt" - high plateau of the Gobertmassiv - "Grenzeck" above Kella - "Chapel! - Kella - direction Schwebda - Schlossberg with the ruin of Greifenstein - Großtöpfer – Hülfensberg.