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The 800th wedding anniversary of St. Elizabeth of Thuringia

"But now you are light. Elisabeth" is the title of the anniversary year 2021 in the Preacher church of the Thuringian Museum Eisenach with top-class special exhibitions, projects and concerts. 800 years ago - 1221 - the Thuringian Landgrave Ludwig IV married the Hungarian king's daughter Elisabeth in the church of St. Georgen. The Preacher church is an important place of reception for Elisabeth, who was canonized in 1235, the Hungarian king's daughter and later Landgrave of Thuringia.

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27. MAR – 21. NOV 2021
Preacher church, Cabinet room

Image of life. Elisabeth
Historical documentation

In the cabinet exhibition, the portrait of the Hungarian king's daughter and later Landgravine Elisabeth is to be shown, who died in Marburg in 1231 following her ideal of poverty and was canonized in 1235. The original sculpture of Heinrich Raspe, founder of the church and the monastery, brother-in-law of Saint Elisabeth and successor of Ludwig IV. Will be on view in the cabinet exhibition, supplemented by other exhibits from the holdings of the Thuringian Museum Eisenach.
Concept: Annett Jacobs, Thuringian Museum Eisenach

Opening: 27. MAR 2021, 6 p.m.
28. MAR - 27. JUN 2021
Preacher church, Special exhibition rooms

But now you are light. Elisabeth - The idea of a light rooms - Philipp Geist

Philipp Geist is one of the most renowned light artists worldwide. In his exhibition he developed “But now you are light. Elisabeth” in the Preacher church an accessible light room. The visitor is immersed in a multidimensional world of color and space.The light art installation by Geist consists of painterly and integrated image elements of selected works of art that are digitally processed. This results in minimally puristic, sometimes color-intensive, dream-like and shadowy-fragile picture compositions. Works of art are perceived and artistically interpreted from a new contemporary perspective.

23. & 24. Apr 2021, 9 - 11 p.m.
Preacher church, Outer facade east side

Light art illumination on the east facade of the Preacher church

In addition to the light art exhibition, Philipp Geist stages a light art illumination on the east facade of the Preacher church on two evenings in April. At this special highlight of the year, Philipp Geist thematize the wedding anniversary.The light artist dispenses with screens and projects directly onto the exterior facade and the surrounding area of the Preacher church. The result is an interplay between the concrete, tangible wall and the poetic, painterly, artistic implementation.

Opening: 14. Aug 2021, 6 p.m.
15. Aug - 31. Oct 2021
Preacher church, Special exhibition room

Light. Space togetherness
Elke Albrecht, painter & Jürgen Sieker, photographer

Under the title “Light. Space togetherness ”opens another special exhibition in August. The internationally known Eisenach artists Elke Albrecht and Jürgen Sieker enter into an artistic dialogue. The photographer Jürgen Sieker shows photos of couples from different regions of the world, the painter Elke Albrecht shows a selection of her works that reduce depth and density to the essentials. In the interplay of photography and painting, visually unexpected relationships combine and open up a new space of thought.

Opening: 20. Nov 2021, 6 p.m.
21. Nov 2021 - 06. Feb 2022
Preacher church, Special exhibition room

Chiaroscuro. Shades of love
Lydia Schindler, Art

In Lydia Schindler, an artist has been won who has been dealing with the place where Saint Elisabeth lived- the Wartburg - for years in her works. The painter, who was born in Bulgaria and has lived in Eisenach since 1996, shows in her special exhibition “Chiaroscuro. Shades of Love “a selection of her works, in which light and dark moments of life and love are artistically interpreted.
An exhibition by the Kunstverein Eisenach e.V.

Mar - Nov 2021 (changing monthly)
Preacher church, foyer

Points of view. Elisabeth - art in the foyer

In line with the annual theme, a work of art related to Elisabeth will be exhibited every month from March in the foyer of the Preacher church. Nine citizens from Eisenach are involved in this project.

Opening: 04. Dec 2021, 6 p.m.
05. Dec 2021 - 06. Feb 2022
Preacher church, Cabinet room

Elisabeth. Memories from the present - Uwe Jung-Kempe, photography and text

The Eisenach theologian Uwe Jung-Kempe is exhibiting in a cabinet exhibition entitled “Elisabeth. Memories from the Present “Portrait photographs of people who have retained their own attitude and who advocate an open relationship without discrimination and exclusion.
An exhibition by the Kunstverein Eisenach e.V.