Hiking tour - the gorge tour

Experience nature literally first hand and let the walls come closer. In the legendary Drachenschlucht (Dragon Gorge) south of Eisenach, the narrowest point on the hiking trail is no wider than 70 cm. Romantics, nature lovers and geologists alike get their money's worth on this tour.

The Eisenach Gorge Tour is the top seller among Thuringian hiking trails.

The gorge tour through the wild and romantic Dragon Gorge and the unspoilt rock formations of the Landgrafenschlucht (Landgrave Gorge) is one of the most beautiful hikes of all.

Starting from the Mariental, which can be reached on foot or by public transport, the hike leads through the mossy rocks of the Dragon Gorge - the rushing Marienbach directly below the grating.

Arrived at the "Hohe Sonne" on the Rennsteig, you can enjoy a Thuringian bratwurst on the grill and enjoy the view of the Wartburg. Continuing along the Weinstraße (Wine Route), you will reach the Großer Drachenstein (Big Dragron’s Stone), from where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the Hörselberge and the Inselsberg. The way back through the impressive Landgrafenschlucht leads to the starting point in Mariental.



Mariental - Wichmannpromenade - Drachenschlucht - Hohe Sonne - Weinstraße - Großer Drachenstein - Landgrafenschlucht - Mariental