Hiking tour - the beauties of Eisenach

A versatile and varied landscape awaits you on this hiking tour. Discover scenic, cultural and historical highlights around the Wartburg city. Especially the unique natural monuments will fascinate you, such as the wild and romantic Drachenschlucht (Dragon Gorge), the Landgrafenschlucht (Landgrave Gorge) or the 11-metre high Elfengrotte (Fairies Grotto).

Once there - (almost) everything in it - the ideal tour for culture enthusiasts and hikers

From the market place in Eisenach you go to the Predigerkirche (Evangelist Church) in the direction of Schlossberg, where you turn off to the old cemetery. You will pass the medieval city wall, the Storchenturm (Stork Tower) and walk across the Roseplatz up to Wolfgang.

Here it becomes sporty at first and soon the path leaves the city. Passing the Metilstein - a detour up will be rewarded with a fantastic view - the next destination is the donkey station at the Wartburg.

After the visit of the Wartburg, you go to the Singers' Meadow, to the impressive rocks of the Fairies Grotto and to the Knöpfelsteichen. Soon you reach the wild and romantic Dragon Gorge, which you walk through in a northerly direction.

At the end you should venture a detour on the opposite side of the road into the equally beautiful Landgrave Gorge before you reach the southern part of the town again in the Mariental.



Markt Eisenach - Predigerkirche - Alter Friedhof - Wolfgang - Roese-Denkmal - Eselstation - Wartburg - Eisenacher Burg - Sängerwiese - Elfengrotte - Knöpfelsteiche - Drachenschlucht - Landgrafenschlucht - Dornheckenweg - Karthausgarten - Markt Eisenach