Music, games and dance from the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Songs and dances from "Walther" to "Luther", anecdotes and incidents, wisdom and humoresques: experience an artistic world of music and poetry, as you might have heard centuries ago in the venerable walls of the Wartburg and in the alleys of Eisenach.

„Altehrwürdige Mauern und erlesene Speisen,
schäumendes Bier und funkelnder Wein,
leuchtende Kerzen und ferne Weisen –
Mundschenk, so rufet den Spielmann herein!
Laßt ihn die alten Lieder singen,
von Jungfrauen und edelen Rittern voll Ehr,
laßt ihn erzähl`n von vergangenen Dingen
aus alter Zeit, die versunken sonst wär.“

"Ancient walls and exquisite food,
frothy beer and sparkling wine,
glowing candles and distant sages -
Cupbearer, call the minstrel in!
Let him sing the old songs,
of maidens and noble knights of honour,
let him tell of things past
that would otherwise have been lost.”

“Adelhalm vom Eselsstieg“
anno Domini 2007

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