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"Her thoughts and aspirations directed towards God in play and earnest"

At the tender age of 14, the Hungarian king's daughter Elisabeth married the then 21-year-old Ludwig of Thuringia in the Georgenkirche in Eisenach. The life of Elisabeth who was canonized in 1235, only 4 years after her death, is closely connected with Eisenach and the Wartburg. A devout search for traces and encounters can be inspiring and informative not only for believers.

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Eisenach fascinates with centuries-old churches and sacred buildings. The impressive, stone witnesses of the faith of the people from those times still fascinate us today. But in the encounter with the history that was written with these buildings, some visitors find even a much deeper meaning. In Eisenach, the city of Luther and the Reformation, the much older traces of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia take the thoughts on a journey. Visit places that carry within them an invitation to encounter. For visitors and guests of the city of Eisenach and the Wartburg, for travel groups and pilgrims, this variety of impressions is time and again a special experience. 

The impressive neo-Gothic Catholic Elizabeth Church in Eisenach is dedicated to Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia and the almost 800-year-old Preacher Church was built in her honour. On the magnificent Wartburg Castle, the Elisabeth bower commemorates the former king's daughter who did not get older than only 24 years. 

These and many other recommendable places of encounter with the life and work of Saint Elizabeth invite you to stay in Eisenach. The city of Eisenach is looking forward to your visit. We would be pleased to inform you about all current guided tours, exhibitions, events and offers concerning Elizabeth of Thuringia in the following overview. 

The 800th wedding anniversary of St. Elizabeth of Thuringia

"But now you are light. Elisabeth" is the title of the anniversary year 2021 in the Preacher church of the Thuringian Museum Eisenach with top-class special exhibitions, projects and concerts. 800 years ago - 1221 - the Thuringian Landgrave Ludwig IV married the Hungarian king's daughter Elisabeth in the church of St. Georgen. The Preacher church is an important place of reception for Elisabeth, who was canonized in 1235, the Hungarian king's daughter and later Landgrave of Thuringia.