Country inn Waldfrieden in Wolfsburg-Unkeroda

Thuringias most beautiful located country inn with a beer garden, playground, soft ice cream, beer, coffee, cake and music.

Enjoy our excellent Thuringian cuisine near the Wartburg. We invite you to relax and enjoy or take a walk in unique clean air.

We offer space for up to 30 guests in our small hunting lodge. In the coffee house, small groups of up to 20 people can enjoy our wide range of dishes and drinks.

The Waldfrieden includes a hall that can accommodate up to 100 guests, with appropriate seating, e.g. up to 150 guests are also possible for lectures.

The hall is ideal for tour groups and larger groups. The hall also has a stage with lighting and sound technology.

The beer garden was redesigned in 2019 and offers space for up to 200 guests under chestnuts.

The hall and beer garden are accessible for wheelchair user and there is also a disabled toilet.

Förtha train station is a 10-minute walk away. The travel time of the STB to Eisenach train station is 6 minutes. Trains run every hour.

Hikes from Eisenach over the Dragon gorge- Hohe Sonne- Wilde Sau- Waldfrieden take about 2-3h, via Eisenach - past the Wartburg on the right about 1.5h.


Waldfrieden is a 15-minute drive south of Eisenach, in Wolfsburg-Unkeroda, a climatic health resort, between B19 and B84.

Information for guests

  • Space inside: 50 seats + hall 100 seats
  • Space outside: 200 seats
  • Parking spaces:
    • Cars at the house
    • Bus at the house
    • Alternative parking space is a 3-minute walk away