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The 800th wedding anniversary of St. Elizabeth of Thuringia

"But now you are light. Elisabeth" is the title of the anniversary year 2021 in the Preacher church of the Thuringian Museum Eisenach with top-class special exhibitions, projects and concerts. 800 years ago - 1221 - the Thuringian Landgrave Ludwig IV married the Hungarian king's daughter Elisabeth in the church of St. Georgen. The Preacher church is an important place of reception for Elisabeth, who was canonized in 1235, the Hungarian king's daughter and later Landgrave of Thuringia.

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08. Apr 2021, 6 p.m.
Preacher church

Art talk with Hardy Raub

The creation of a sculpture in the outdoor area of the Preacher church.

15. May 2021, 6 p.m.
Preacher church, Special exhibition room

Lection "And if love beckons you, follow it !" with Boris C. Motzki

In his lection, Boris C. Motzki, dramaturge at the state theatre Mainz, spans a wide range in terms of both time and form in order to consider and present the phenomenon of love in poetry. Starting with the mystics, Motzki takes the audience in his program across the ages to various countries. We encounter Novalis in Romanticism, Charles Baudelaire in 19th century France, the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and the American gutter poet Charles Bukowski in the 20th century. After all, texts by Robert Gernhardt as well as his own are heard so that we can do something again and again, to follow love, to become light.

10. July 2021, 9 p.m.
Preacher church, Monastery courtyard

Music project with Jörg Döttger and Snowblind for the birthday of Elisabeth of Thuringia

The "Klangregen" project was founded in 2018 under the musical direction of Jörg Döttger and is a prime example of the departure into new creative territory and the amalgamation of guest musicians from different genres, which is united by the joy of playing together. Snowblind was created in 2003 from a cover project of various rock bands. The passion of the musicians lies in the pure joy of playing and the motivation to take the audience on a musical journey through time into the rock fields of the 70s and 80s of the last century. From classic rock program, an acoustic set with influences from groove, blues, funk, reggae and hard rock has developed in recent years.

17. Jan 2021, 1 p.m.
Start Elisabeth church

The Way
Opening of the anniversary year

Due to the current situation, the opening will not take place in January as planned, but will be postponed to a later date. A new date will be announced in good time.
The anniversary year will open on January 17th with a guided hike to selected locations with historical and legendary references to Elisabeth. Eisenach citizens and guests of the city are cordially invited to join the entire route or individual stages. The hike is accompanied by Eisenach tour guides in medieval costumes, who report interesting facts about Elisabeth and Luther at the individual way stations. The hike leads through individual stations of the planned rose hiking trail. The opening is musically accompanied by medieval music played on historical instruments by Thomas Wagner from Eisenach. The hike begins at 1 p.m. in front of the Elisabeth Church (Sophienstraße 10) and leads via the path stations Sankt Annen, Hellgrevenhof, Preacher church, Pfarrberg, church of St. Georgen, Residenzhaus, Luther house to the Helltal, in good weather to the Elisabeth fountain and hospital below the Wartburg. Tea, mulled wine and Elisabeth bread are offered in front of the Preacher church.

11. Sep 2021, 6 p.m.
Preacher church, Special exhibition room

Art talk with photographer Jürgen Sieker and painter Elke Albrecht

An art talk with photographer Jürgen Sieker and painter Elke Albrecht as part of the special exhibition “Light. Room. Together".

25. Sept 2021, 6 p.m.
Preacher church, Special exhibition room

Concert "Coming and going, hearing and seeing"

Eisenach guitarist Marco Böttger and Christoph Gottwald from Fulda make music as part of the special exhibition “Light. Room. Together”. They interpret the classics of the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt and other jazz compositions from today in their own personal way. SSwing, Bossa Nova and Valse Musette are just as much a part of her repertoire as the facets of Jazz Manouche with plenty of freedom for improvisations.

17. Nov 2021, 6 p.m.
Preacher church, Special exhibition room

Conversation on the Memorial Day of St. Elisabeth "Our dear Saint - unifying elements in the dialogue between the confession"

Monsignor Heinz Gunkel, former pastor of the Elisabeth parish in Eisenach, will moderate a discussion on the memorial day of St. Elisabeth in November entitled “Unifying - In the Dialogue of Confessions”.
Heinz Gunkel, ordained a priest in 1978, was the official of the Interdiocesan Office in Erfurt for many years. Preserving the memory of Elisabeth's work, especially in Eisenach, is his passion.