Thuringia's new nature trail

Relaxed cycling over the Thuringian fields and exploring the original natural and cultural landscape: a recommendable beautiful and compensatory tour on the bicycle.

The start of the Nessetal Cycle Track. At the market in Eisenach, we start. Picture: Joachim Negwer/Thüringer Tourismus GmbH 

The almost 70 km long Nessetal Cycle Track begins in Erfurt at Benediktsplatz and ends at the market place in Eisenach. If you start the tour in Eisenach, you will reach the airfield in Eisenach Kindel along the Hörsel river via Stockhausen, Großenlupnitz and Wenigenlupnitz. From there, the track runs to Warza directly on the "old railway line", whose track bed has been converted into a cycle path. The Nessetal Cycle Track is ideal for discovering and enjoying Thuringia's natural and cultural landscape in a completely relaxed manner.