On the way on Thuringia's famous high trail 

The Rennsteig is also a sought-after destination for cyclists. Many passages invite mountain bikers and cyclists to magnificent tours. Look forward to exploring the Rennsteig by bike.

Germany's oldest and most popular high-altitude hiking trail has been opened to cyclists - not always directly on the Rennsteig. Large parts run parallel for undisturbed cycling pleasure. Detours to the famous Wartburg Castle and to the Ruhla Model Park "mini-a-thür" with detailed reproductions of Thuringian sights are advisable even in the first stage. The large Inselsberg, Oberhof with its sports facilities and the Rennsteig Garden, the glassblowing towns of Neuhaus and Lauscha are further highlights of the tour. 

Our bike tour on the Rennsteig is particularly varied and brings a lot of fun. Look forward to a great day on the bike.