Old synagogue in Eisenach

There are only a few traces of Jewish history left in Eisenach. However, Jews have been living in the city since the Middle Ages. Today, the synagogue memorial reminds us of them.

On 8 January 1885, the synagogue in the former Wörthstraße (today Karl-Marx-Straße), built according to the designs of the Eisenach architect Hermann Hahn, was inaugurated, burned down during the "Reichskristallnacht" from 9 to 10 November 1938, and demolished in January 1939. The Eisenach synagogue community, founded in 1946, erected a memorial on the rubble site, which was consecrated on 21 September 1947. The memorial plaque that was mounted at that time was replaced in 1998 by the one that can be seen today.