"My dear city": Luther monument in Eisenach

On Karlsplatz, the oldest market place in Eisenach, you can find the Luther Monument created by Adolf von Donndorf. Four reliefs depict, among other things, scenes from Luther's life in Eisenach and at Wartburg Castle.

On 4 May 1521, Martin Luther was attacked in pretence and brought to the Wartburg. On the same day in the year 1895, the consecration of the Luther monument was celebrated. The viewer sees him at the pedestal as Junker Jörg in the Luther room, as well as during a hunting scene. 374 years after Luther's search for protection at Wartburg Castle, he thus returned to the city as a mighty statue.

One of the reliefs depicts the first contact of the Latin student with Ursula Cotta, where he was warmly received. The probably most famous Luther song "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" (“A strong castle is our god”) can be discovered on the back of the monument. Discover the Luther Monument for yourself, as well.