Fascinating building: impressive Romanesque basilica

Not many Romanesque buildings have made it through the upheavals of the centuries. The Nikolaikirche, built in 1180, is all the more impressive, because the unique architectural style of the first millennium is still impressively visible here, despite some reconstructions that has been made.

The imposing Nikolaikirche served the people of Eisenach as a parish church and the Benedictine nuns as a monastery church. The three-nave Romanesque basilica with the Nikolaitor dominates the image of the Karlsplatz and leaves an incomparable impression at first sight. The church, which is consecrated to St. Nicholas, was given its present outer appearance at the end of the 19th century. During the construction of the church, builders from Wartburg Castle must have worked here. One of the high quality capitals on a southern column points out to this fact.

An altar carved around 1500, representing the Lamentation of Christ, comes from Thuringia. Modern, gold-yellow glass windows, which were designed by the glass artist Wolfgang Nickel, let the church shine and also invite to contemplative meditation. A visit to the church can be recommended for many good reasons. SCHMALES HAUS (NARROW HOUSE) Narrowest half-timbered house in Germany The probably narrowest half-timbered house in Germany which is only 2.05 meter wide is located at the Johannisplatz in Eisenach.