Feasting like in Luther's day

Anyone who has experienced it will be happy to tell about it: In Eisenach, you can witness an authentic knightly feast and - with everything that goes with it - dine like the knights do. Or have you ever grilled on a hot stone? Turn your dinner in Eisenach into a very special experience!

"I eat what I like, and I'm sorry for what I can," Luther is supposed to have said. However, another quote is better known, which is said to have been made by the church reformer in connection with food and drink. So things have probably always been hearty in Eisenach, and so the offer of our experience gastronomy is worth a real recommendation. Bring along good hunger, because good mood should be provided for!

Luther feast – dining like in Luther’s days

Feasting with music and juggling as in the late Middle Ages. Hundreds of candles, straw on the floor, metre-long meat skewers, courtly dancing and historical dinner speeches let you experience the time of the reformer Martin Luther. Medieval-robed barmaids and cupbearers await your visit: a banquet of the citizens of Eisenach at the time of the Reformation

  • Duration: approx. 3 -4 hours
  • Prices: on request
  • additional entertainment may be booked
  • little or big Lutheran play
  • prices on request.

Robber banquet in the vaulted cellar

We invite you to the amusement of the bodies, the joy of the eyes and the relaxation of your senses. Let yourself be pampered while you carouse in the deep cellar. A huge feast awaits you, as much as your stomach can stand. Someone who does not give his best for good gifts, who makes grimaces or even looks defiant, such a person will be pilloried until he willingly returns to the table and vows to make amends.

We guarantee you unforgettable hours of conviviality and joy.

  • we serve this feast for 10 persons or more
  • price on request

Grilling on the hot stone

A feast for the senses, because you barbecue on a hot natural stone.

  • price on request

Rustic fondue evening

A fondue evening in Eisenach, just the way the Swiss like it: beef, pork and turkey, dipped in spicy hot cheese - a poem!

  • price on request