Freedom and unity

On a hill above the roofs of the Eisenach villa district, the fraternity monument is enthroned - visible from afar. The monumental, 33-metre-high building is dedicated to those who, at the risk of their lives, stood up for unity and freedom in Germany in the 19th century.

Through a heavy iron door, you enter the fraternity monument, inaugurated in 1902. The monumental building commemorates the Wartburg festival of the fraternities in 1817 and is also a memorial to the fraternity members who died in the Franco-Prussian War.

Based on early Greek tombs and combined with Germanic elements, the interior of the monument surprises with an impressive, gold-decorated ceiling painting, window glass art and rich stone sculptures. Six balconies offer an intoxicating panoramic view of the Thuringian Forest, the Hörselberge, Eisenach and the Wartburg.