The love story of Amor & Psyche in the idyllic teahouse

The gardener's house in the middle of the idyllic Kartausgarten is one of the most romantic places in Eisenach. Built in the middle of the 19th century, it houses a small ground-floor salon decorated with precious French wallpaper paintings. They tell the love story of Amor & Psyche.

The Kartausgarten is "a charming complex in the most elegant, natural style" and at the same time "a wild garden" – that is how contemporaries described the park in the city's villa district, which was already founded in the 14th century as a monastery garden.

Winding paths, magnificent views and many botanical rarities make a visit to the park, which is now a protected monument, worthwhile. A surprise awaits the strollers in the gardener's house: in a small ground-level salon, precious French wallpaper pictures with motifs from the fairy tale of Amor and Psyche can be discovered on the walls. It has remained a mystery to this day how the valuable wall decoration got into the gardener's house that was built in 1825.


The tea room in the Kartausgarten can be visited within the framework of group tours for groups of ten people or more by prior arrangement. Registration under:  03691 / 743293