Mountainbike - Great 8 near Eisenach

The "Great 8" connects the Rennsteig mountain bike path with the Rennsteig cycle path.

If you still want to experience a mountain bike adventure in Germany, the mountain bike variant of the Rennsteig, Germany's most famous high-altitude hiking trail, is exactly the right place. The tour is an ideal challenge for mountain bikers and ambitious cyclists.

This small section of the Rennsteig MTB trail definitely makes you want more. You can also marvel at the beauties of the Eisenach area as well as great views from your mountain bike. Various snack and rest options are available and some are right on the way.

The tours can be driven individually or in combination.

The first tour of the “8” leads through Johannistal up to the 'Burschenschaftsdenkmal', over the 'Weinstrasse' over to the 'Hohe Sonne', over the Rennsteig to the 'Wilder Sau', past the 'Sängerwiese' over the Wartburg back to the city. The second tour begins at the Hohe Sonne (P + R), plunges down to Wilhelmsthal and 'Jägerhof' via the 'Hochwaldgrotte' and the 'Hirschstein'.

The route is signposted from the Kurstraße.



Parking lot Prinzenteich - Parking lot Kurstraße - Johannistal - Burschenschaftsdenkmal - Mosbacher Linde - Weinstraße - Hohe Sonne - Wilhelmsthal - Altenberger See - Hirschstein - Rennsteig - Wilde Sau - Sängerwiese - Wartburg - Parking lot Prinzenteich