Mountain bike tour - Around Wartburg

The short tour meanders around Wartburg and leads, past spectacular viewpoints, back on a trail into the Mariental.

The tour first leads up to Metilstein, also known as 'Mädelstein', Eisenach's local mountain at 365 m. We recommend taking a breather in the peak area. Here you can still see the remains of a former hilltop castle and enjoy spectacular views of Wartburg castle gate, which is about 500 m away, as well as fraternity monument ('Burschenschaftsdenkmal').

Then it goes back down on an initially demanding part, which then becomes flowy. The next ascent leads to the 'Sängerwiese'. Here in 1847 28 male choirs with a total of 1,200 singers met in a unique singing competition. Today a rustic hut invites you to stop for a break. It continues uphill briefly and then on a trail further above the 'Finsteren Loch'. Then it goes back to Mariental via a great panoramic path.

In Mariental, the path leads past the excursion restaurant and the 'Phantasie' hiking club. In the summer months you can end the tour in the beer garden with a cool drink. If you are still interested in culture afterwards, you can visit the magnificent Reuter-Wagner-Villa at the foot of the Wartburg, which houses the largest Wagner collection outside of Bayreuth.



Mariental - Reuterweg - Metilstein - Eselsweg - Sängerwiese - Finsteres Loch - Steinschleuder - Mariental