One of the largest contiguous villa districts in Germany

If you like art nouveau, you will love the Eisenach southern district: Art Nouveau ornamentation, wrought-iron garden gate art and impressive bay window variations can be found here in a grandiose variety. This is where Eisenach's recent history and present is shown from its most beautiful side.

Each one a pearl of architectural skill, the villas of the southern district, which are now listed buildings, embody the heyday of European architecture at the turn of the century. Whether enchanting Art Nouveau, captivatingly clear Classicism, or the first proof of the talent of the Bauhaus: whoever roams the streets of the villa quarter can discover enchanting gardens, lion-guarded archways or stained glass windows entwined with flowers. Some of the villas, which are still mainly used as residential buildings today, resemble small castles and were built below the Wartburg Castle at the end of the 19th century by wealthy secret councillors, factory owners or pensioners from all over Germany. Not only for architecture enthusiasts: the southern district of Eisenach is worth a visit.