An authentic pleasure where Eisenach becomes the stage

When Friday evening comes, art, culture, history, architecture, technology and music enthusiasts gather in front of the Eisenach Tourist Information on the market square. At 7:00 pm, the entertaining & popular guided tour starts, which is presented by costumed tour guides.

Eisenach adventure tours: very popular and especially entertaining

Always very popular: in January and February, you accompany the tour guide in the light of a lantern carried along. However, whether in sunshine, twilight or in the aforementioned lantern light: Eisenach is fascinating in any light. Every season has its own charm, especially in the evenings, and the corners, churches, facades and walls begin to tell their stories in the twilight. Enjoy the "blue hour" and go on a journey of discovery with our city guides as a prelude to an eventful weekend in Eisenach. Personalities from past centuries in historical costumes and robes await you. So listen to the words of the wife of Fritz Reuter, the maid Johanna, the monk Heinrich or those of the brave craftsman. Experience Eisenach also in the cold months with lanterns and mulled wine to warm up. Just let yourself be surprised who will welcome you and introduce you to the magnificent city of Eisenach in an entertaining way.