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A great time in good company

Travelling with good friends is simply a really good plan and a great thing. If your journey together takes you to Eisenach, then a wide range of rich and varied offers will await you. Together you will encounter a city that will surprise you. Great history, impressive nature and beautiful shared experiences await you that you will never forget.

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In fact, several places very close to Eisenach raise a claim to be the geographic center of Germany. However: Many people like to come together in family-friendly Eisenach for a family celebration, because the journey is "fairly distributed". But that's definitely not the only reason, because spending time with the family is precious.

A family holiday simply must have something to offer for all members of the family. Eisenach has this variety to offer. While the breath of centuries of German history and great events hovers through the Wartburg you can also enjoy a boat trip on wild water. In rustic forests and striking gorges, an encounter with nature is surprisingly delightful and doesn´t only inspire parents. Young and old also meet in the fascination for the machine cycle of the industrial revolution and German automobile construction. At the knight's feast or medieval banquets there is a really good mood, but everyone should still have a good appetite.

These and many other highlights expect you in a city in which so many epochs of the past have left their mark. A city trip to Eisenach with the whole family becomes an experience for everyone. Eisenach is looking forward to your visit.

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