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A great time in good company

Travelling with good friends is simply a really good plan and a great thing. If your journey together takes you to Eisenach, then a wide range of rich and varied offers will await you. Together you will encounter a city that will surprise you. Great history, impressive nature and beautiful shared experiences await you that you will never forget.

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Eisenach: Finally arrived at the foot of the mighty Wartburg and the friends are already all there. We would be happy to show you what you can experience in Luther's "dear city".

If you are passionate about history, music, art and culture, then there will really remain no questions left unanswered in Eisenach. The birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach will definitely entertain you.

The extraordinary nature experience around Eisenach is perhaps a little less known and will surprise you all the more. Outdoor sports, large nature parks, protected primeval forests, unique gorges and geological monuments, water sports and river trips as well as many famous hiking routes await your spirit of discovery.

Of course, holidays with friends also include delicious food, entertaining evenings and cultivated hospitality. Eisenach's experience gastronomy, many carefully managed guesthouses and hotels and a rich landscape of evening offers await your visit.

If you meet in the city of Luther and Bach, you will also benefit from the fact that Eisenach is located almost exactly in the geographical centre of Germany. So it is a really good idea to come to Eisenach with your friends.

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