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Closely connected with our city: human being & Reformer Martin Luther

For many people, a trip to Eisenach is also a journey in the footsteps of the church reformer Martin Luther. If you want to encounter the life of the theologian and the central figure of the Reformation, you cannot get past Luther's "dear city" of Eisenach.

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To call Martin Luther a "subject" is perhaps a little presumptuous. But the life, work and creativity of Luther, who came to Eisenach as a Latin student already at the age of 14, is so eventful and momentous that it continues to have an effect to this day. This rich history of Luther is particularly closely connected with the city of Eisenach. So you can encounter this fascinating "theme" in an unsurpassed variety of ways on your city and educational trip to Eisenach. Guided tours on the "theme" of Luther, the unique Luther House Museum, the authentic stations of his childhood, permanent exhibitions, the Luther Room at Wartburg Castle and much more will touch and enrich you. In order to be able to truly understand the life and work of the former Augustinian monk, the city of Eisenach is a real and important place.